About CPR-Indonesia

CPR-Indonesia advocates the promotion of a constructive dialogue to protect the economic development of Indonesia and the national poverty-reduction programmes and initiatives. We are campaigners for economic investment across Indonesia in all its forms and the removal of obstacles which impede sustainable economic growth. Our long-term aim is to facilitate economic development that will improve the lives of Indonesian citizens.    Read more...

Poverty in Indonesia

Overview of current situation
Government initiatives and improvements
Overview of the Millennium Development Plan

Key Challenges to Poverty Reduction

Financial inclusion
Policy implementation by local governance
Single-issue extremists

Improving Services

Clean water and sanitization
Roads and bridges
Improving education
Improving health
Universal health insurance
Mothers and children
Infectious diseases

Environmental Resources

About the environment
Law enforcement and monitoring activities
Protecting biodiversity

Natural Disasters in Indonesia

Recent history of natural disasters
Disaster relief
Disaster preparation